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Book online for 70% off Rental Bike NYC! Bike helmets, bike locks and NYC bike maps free upon request with Rental Bike NYC. Rental Bike NYC is located at 40 West 55th Street between 5th Avenue & 6th Avenue (E/W), and Times Square & Central Park (N/S). We have thousands of adult men’s and women’s comfort-hybrid bikes and children’s bikes available.

Bike Rental Prices

Book online for 70% off bike rental!

Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes are NOT AVAILABLE FOR COUPON DISCOUNT.

Bicycles 1 hr 2 hr 3 hr 5 hr All Day 24 hr
Adult Bike
$6.00 ($15)
$10.00 ($20)
$12.00 ($25)
$16.00 ($30)
$20.00 ($40)
$26.00 ($69)
Child Bike (12 & under)
$4.00 ($12)
$8.00 ($17)
$10.00 ($22)
$14.00 ($25)
$118.00 ($33)
$24.00 ($45)
Tandem Bike
$12.00 ($30)
$20.00 ($40)
$24.00 ($50)
$32.00 ($60)
$40.00 ($80)
Road Bike
Mountain Bike
Child Seat
Child Bike Trailer
$4.00 ($12)
$6.00 ($17)
$8.00 ($22)
$12.00 ($25)
$16.00 ($33)

Tandem bike, road bike and mountain bike rental based upon availability; inquire in-store.

Purchase Bike Rental

Complete form below to purchase bike rental from 40 West 55th Street. Provide accurate information to receive notification and confirmation. When you pick-up bikes you will be required to leave either an (a) state or country ID or (b) copy of your passport, or (c) $100 cash or credit security deposit; when you pick-up bike – returned upon the return of bike. All bike rental purchases are final and there are no refunds for bike rental, store credit is available with manager approval.

  • Book online for 70% off bike rental; cannot be combined with any other offer or coupon.
  • Bike Rental Insurance costs $2 per bike and covers 100% of damage, and 50% of replacement cost if bike is stolen.
  • Child Seat costs $5 for first hour, $10 for the second hour, $15 for additional hours up to all day – purchase in-store only.
  • Day Pass Add-on $5 per bike, $100 deposit per bicycle returned to you when you return bikes, allows you drop off bike(s) at any of our four (4) locations.


Enter your contact information below. You must provide valid information.


Please enter bike rental date; and select start time no earlier than 8am.


Select the amount of time you wish to rent bikes, tandems and trailers. The only bikes available for 24 hour rental are adult and child bikes. No other bikes may be rented overnight without special approval from management. 24 hour bike rental requires $100 cash or credit security deposit per bike at check-in, returned with return of bikes.


Choose from bicycles (adults and kid's), tandems or bike trailers; and the number needed of each.


Insurance for damage and theft of bicycles is available for $2 per rental period, but not mandatory. Child seats are available for $10 per rental period, if required. Day Pass Add-on is $5 per bike with $100 cash or credit security deposit required at check-in, returned with return of bikes. Drop-off at any of four (4) locations.


Sales tax and coupon codes are computed automatically within page. "Total" is the entire final purchase cost.

Subtotal with no tax

NY sales tax

Total with NY sales tax


Rental Bike NYC is located at: 40 West 55th  Street between 5th Avenue & 6th Avenue (E/W), and Times Square & Central Park (N/S). You are encouraged to wear a bicycle helmet, which is provided free of charge and mandatory by NY State Law for anyone under the age of 14. Bicycle locks are provided free of charge upon request. Bicycles maps of Central Park and New York City are available free of charge and upon request. All bike rental purchases are final and there are no refunds for bike rental given. Store credit may be allowed for 1-year from original rental date, but only with managerial approval due to inclement weather or NYC emergency. In addition to this confirmation notice, you will be sent a notification from this website to the email you provided in the form, and another payment notification from PayPal.

More Information

Larger bike rental groups and guided bike tour groups can be accommodated when arranged in advance. No refund for bike rental purchase. Credit for bike rental may be given with managerial approval due to inclement weather or NYC emergency. Alternatively, you may also take a public-guided Central Park bike tour (4 times daily) from our main location next to Central Park; Central Park Bike Tours & Rental (203 West 58th Street); or you may choose a public guided Brooklyn Bridge bike tour starting next to the Brooklyn Bridge in downtown Manhattan; Brooklyn Bridge Bike Tours & Rental (145 Nassau Street). Bike Rent NYC is New York City’s largest provider of bike rental.

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