What happens if the bike breaks while riding?

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What happens if the bike breaks while riding?


We offers customers road-side repair with bike insurance for $2 per bike, per rental period; which includes limited road-side repair in Central Park ONLY. If your bike breaks while riding anywhere; you must call the specific shop from where you rented the bike for assistance and inform us that you may be delayed in returning the bikes. We may choose to stop your rental period at that time, allowing you more time to return the bicycles. Bike insurance for bike rental covers 100% of potential damage to bicycles caused by accidents, potholes and rough roads, and unanticipated wear and tear. If you have any issues or questions, please contact by email: webmaster@bikerent.nyc or call (917) 283-2453 during business hours (M-F, 9-6).

Road-side assistance is available in Central Park ONLY, and on limited-basis, determined by availability of repair staff.

Road-side assistance is NOT available outside of Central Park.

Bike insurance is not required for bike tours, and a bike will be exchanged (inside the park) for the broken bike. If this is not possible for time or convenience, we will provide a credit for another tour – later that day or on the next day. This instance may delay the final return time of a bike tour group.

Learn more about bike insurance and road-side repair in Central Park.

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