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Congratulations, your order is unique and we have already agreed to terms, pricing and detail with no tax – because you are a non-profit providing proof of tax-exempt status. This form has been designed to assist non-profit organizations to make group bike rental purchases. Many of our customers and tour provider partners are located throughout the world and cannot call by telephone, and therefore require a open and flexible payment mechanism when orders are unique and not best-handled through our public e-commerce interface. You may enter any amount in this form below – and as was agreed upon. Please provide the relevant details of the purchase (price, number of people, additional details, invoice #, etc.) in the space provided in the form.


Please use the following form to make previously arranged purchases only. If you have questions, contact (917) 283-2453 during (EST) business hours; or send an email to or management:

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  • Enter previously approved terms and details in the space provided above.

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More Information

Bike Rent NYC is now the most-popular place to rent bikes in New York City, offering great prices, top-quality Trek and Giant bikes, and friendly professional service. Take advantage of our Multi-location Bike Day Pass ($5) to pick-up in one location and drop off in another. Evaluate monthly ($49) or annual ($129) Bike Membership Network ($3) entitling members to unlimited access to bikes at all four (4) shops. For general questions call Rental Bike NYC during business hours (daily 8am-8pm) at (212) 767-1777; or contact us by email: For any problems, website issues or marketing opportunities call (917) 283-2453, Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm (EST), or email marketing team at: for a timely response.

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