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Multi-location Bike Day Pass

Use coupon code: RBNYCBR30  for immediate 30% discount on bike rental! Rental Bike NYC customers pick-up bikes at 40 West 55th Street, drop-off in another location. Uptown to Downtown, Times Square, Central Park and Brooklyn! Bike Rent NYC offers a multi-location bike day pass which allows you to pick up bicycles at 40 West 55th Street, and drop-off bikes at any of four (4) store locations at the end of your rental period. The multi-location bike day pass costs $5 per bike, plus hourly or daily rate. We’re committed to providing clients high quality rental equipment, outstanding client service and exceptional value through our retail shop network of multi-location bike day pass locations.

Multi-location Bike Day Pass

Stores participating in the multi-location bike day pass are located uptown near Central Park (3) and downtown near the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan (1). Adult and children’s bicycles are available for use as part of the multi-location bike day pass program. No road bikes or tandem bikes are eligible. Helmets, locks and bike maps included for free with rental on request. If you purchase the Bike Day Pass online, a 30% discount will be immediately applied to the entire bike rental purchase with coupon code: RBNYCBR30 .

bike share network - - Bike Rent NYC

Bike Day Pass (*$5) Details

Multi-location bike day pass: $5 + hourly or daily rate. Valid for all hourly or full-day rental periods. For an additional $5 per bike, you can pick-up bike(s) in any of four (4) locations and return bike(s) to another shop location at end of rental period. You will be required to leave a $100 cash or credit card security deposit per bike, which will be returned to you when you return the bike(s) to another bike network location. If you would like to keep the bike(s) overnight, adult and children’s bikes may also be rented for 24 hours at a time and returned to another shop location the following day. Ask cashier for details.

Bike Rental Rates

Use coupon code: RBNYCBR30 for immediate 30% discount on bike rental! You may purchase the multi-location bike day pass when you purchase bike rental. Rates for bike rental are provided below. The multi-location bike day pass costs only $5 per bike – valid for the duration of the rental period and up to a full-day.

Bicycles 1 hr 2 hr 3 hr 5 hr All Day 24 hr
Adult Bike
$10.50 ($15)
$15.40 ($22)
$18.90 ($27)
$22.30 ($32)
$31.50 ($45)
$48.30 ($69)
Child Bike (12 & under)
$8.40 ($12)
$11.90 ($17)
$15.40 ($22)
$17.50 ($25)
$23.10 ($33)
$31.50 ($45)
Tandem Bike
$21.00 ($30)
$31.50 ($45)
$38.50 ($55)
$44.10 ($63)
$49.00 ($70)
Child Bike Trailer
$7.00 ($10)
$11.90 ($17)
$14.00 ($20)
$17.50 ($25)
$21.00 ($30)

Road bike rental available at 203 West 58th Street.

Bike Network Locations

Bike network membership “hop-on – hop-off” network; choose from four (4) locations to rent and return bicycles.

Central Park
Bike Tours

203 West 58th Street, NYC
(212) 541-875

Central Park
Bike Ride

117 West 58th Street, NYC
(212) 956-96

Brooklyn Bridge
Bike Rent

145 Nassau Street, NYC
(212) 767-1773

Rental Bike
New York City

40 West 55th Street, NYC
(804) 829-0101

bike share network - - Bike Rent NYC

More Information

Bike Rent NYC is now the most-popular place to rent bikes in New York City, offering great prices, top-quality Trek and Giant bikes, and friendly professional service. Take advantage of our Multi-location Bike Day Pass ($5) to pick-up in one location and drop off in another. Evaluate monthly ($49) or annual ($129) Bike Membership Network ($3) entitling members to unlimited access to bikes at all four (4) shops. For general questions call Rental Bike NYC during business hours (daily 8am-8pm) at (212) 767-1777; or contact us by email: For any problems, website issues or marketing opportunities call (917) 283-2453, Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm (EST).

Public NYC (2h) Bicycle Tours

Save 30% on New York City’s most-popular public 2-hour guided bike tour of Central Park; or public 2-hour guided bike tour of Brooklyn Bridge, Park and Greenway.

Group NYC (2h) Bicycle Tours

Save 40% on group bike rental and group bike tour of Central Park or group bike tour of Brooklyn Bridge; group tours are always private to your group.

Private NYC (2h/3h) Bicycle Tours

Private bike tours in New York City are available; some options include a private bike tour of Central Park; or a private bike tour of Brooklyn Bridge, Park and Greenway.

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